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A Place Becomes Itself Through Art

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HM&Co is an art design and curation practice in Portland, Oregon specializing in Installation Art, Art Direction and Consulting. Inspired by the extraordinary power of art, we work with our partners to create compelling environments.


Timbertown, Stumptown, Slabtown. The Portland Timbers and their lumberjack mascot… When asked to capture Portland’s history with an unprecedented, contemporary sculpture that would welcome guests into AC Hotel’s downtown property HM&Co dove in. 


We engaged nationally-recognized metal artist and fabricator Mike Suri to partner on the complex project.

Inspired by fiber artist and educator Shelley Socolofsky’s passion for bridging the historic medium of textile production with contemporary craft and culture, we engaged her to create a hand-woven tapestry as part of a larger body of work for Portland’s newest boutique hotel.


Our vision for the art program was one diversity, complexity, accessibility and uniqueness. 

There are no boundaries when it comes to art

This suspended installation travels three floors through the heart of Capital One’s San Francisco Digital Innovation Lab. We wanted the sculpture to contribute soft lines, flow and delicacy to the angular, industrial space. The opportunity to play with natural and supplemental light, and to lend volume without visual weight also informed our choices.   The client wanted to engage both the mind and the eye.  


Client wanted to engage both the mind and the eye. 

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