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We’re driven by a deep desire to bring people, place and art together in meaningful and unexpected ways. To that end, we join forces with partners in all realms of art and creation in response to each unique client.


Our process begins by learning about your design and architectural ideas as well as your cultural and personal influences. We remain nimble, forward-thinking, relevant and fresh though collaboration and constant exploration. With services including curation, design, art direction, consulting, project and financial management and execution, HM&Co leads projects from beginning to end.


Access to new materials, tools and technology fuel our enthusiasm for inventing new visual languages and unprecedented work. 


In 2007 Heidi launched Heidi McBride & Company and began formally exercising her skill for creating influential spaces through the captivating medium of art. Early indications of her passion date back to elementary school when she would claim small areas in the home to arrange with her own art, artifacts and borrowed furnishings. Encouraged by artist parents, her creative practice and passion for design took root.  
Heidi is a Portland native, animal lover, runner and nature-seeker. She earned a BA from University of San Francisco with subsequent training in intercultural communication and design. 


Takahiro is an artist and performance-maker. Both his performance productions and visual art works have been shown at venues regionally, nationally and internationally. He also has extensive experience as an administrator in Los Angeles and Portland, utilizing his organizational skills, problem-solving and attention to detail.


“Taka” received his MFA in Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2013. 

We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.

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